Mains and Seasonal

  1. Moroccan lamb meatballs in pitta pockets with salad

  2. Lamb koftas in a wrap with salad

  3. Piri-piri chicken koftas in a wrap with salad & dressing

  4. Hot roasted beef sliced on ciabatta rolls

  5. Hot marinated chicken sliced onto ciabatta rolls

  6. Spiced baked ham, sliced and served on a warm roll

  7. Traditional breed pork roasted served on focaccia bread

  8. Italian spicy meatballs served in a pitta pocket

Vegetarian examples

  1. Baked Potatoes with assorted toppings

-Cheese, various types


-Coleslaw (home-made)

-Baked beans

-Tuna, mayo and sweet corn

  1. Vegetarian Curry / Stew / Chilli (small and large pot)

  1. Vegetarian Kebabs

-Assorted patterns, haloumi / cheese / green pepper / mushroom / tomato / red onion…

-Paneer cheese / red pepper / sweet potato /courgette / tofu…

  1. Moroccan flat-breads (taster menu)

  1. Pitta pockets, with different fillings;

-Falafels with salad and dressing

-Grilled haloumi with salad and dressing

-Roasted Mediterranean vegetable with feta cheese

  1. Bruschetta - various toppings (taster menu)

All above served with

Salads and various garnishes, homegrown and organic                         

Homemade chutneys and dressings

Crispy and spicy potato wedges and skins

We will also be selling fresh fruit baskets and individual fruit pieces, seasonal and locally sourced

Burgers, Beef

  1. Plain ranch style

  2. Oyster and beef burger

  3. Ploughman’s burger

  4. Cheeseburger - various toppings, smoked etc

  5. Chilli burger

  6. 8oz gourmet burger, organic beef

Burgers, Pork (free-range & traditional

breed pork)

  1. Pork and apple burger

  2. Plain pork burger

  3. Spicy pork burger

Burgers, Chicken

  1. Chicken fillet burger, various marinades, 100% breast meat

  2. Sliced chicken thighs in a baguette with fillings


All sausages made for us by local farmers, free-range pork from traditional breed pigs

All above to be served with

Buns/breads: All made for us by a local artisan baker

Salads to come mostly from our own gardens

Any further fruit and vegetables to come from a small, local, ethical grower

All relishes and sauces to be homemade and from local sources

Soups, Stews and Casseroles

Seasonal recipes will also be available

  1. Soups, home-made, to include;

  2. Spicy tomato

  3. Lentil, can be ham or vegetarian stock based

  4. Pea and ham with garlic

  5. Minestrone - can be vegan based

  6. Vegetable (v)

  7. Potato & leek (v)

  8. Spring green soup with nettle tops

Stews and Casseroles

  1. Classic brown stew, made with local free-range Beef

  2. Hungarian creamed pork

  3. Steak & Guinness Casserole

  4. Vegetarian Stew

  5. Vegetarian Curry

  6. Various Curry Recipes, Madras, Rogan-Josh, Biryani etc

“Fresh and healthy -

served with pride

and care.”

Some of our menu ideas to whet your appetite...

Festival Menu

Small Bites

Yogurt and granola pots  (v)

Chicken Koftas

Served with thyme & yogurt dressing

F3 Bacon Sarnie

Dry cured moyallen bacon served crisp on a ciabatta bun with homemade tomato sauce and grated cheese

F3 Sausage Sarnie

Hand made traditional breed pork sausages, griddled and served with sweet sauté onions, with lovely hp sauce


Italian spicy meatballs, in tomato sauce, served in a pitta pocket with salad

Roast traditional breed pork, sliced thin and served on tomato buns with homemade apple sauce and sweet sauté onions

F3 burgers, you name them we have them, some organic too

Ask for details

F3 hot dogs

The best, traditional breed sausages, homemade relishes and dressings


Hot baked potatoes

With various yummy fillings, please ask

Falafel In pitta pockets

Selection of fresh fruits always available

Gourmet coffee and teas